Henke was the centerpiece of one of the first deep bullpens in baseball history

The Celtics appear determined to sign Gordon Hayward in free agency, then trade for Paul George, but if a trade with the Pacers doesn’t materialize, Boston could target Blake Griffin as a Plan B. Griffin doesn’t have the shooting prowess or two-way ability of George, but he would be another building block for the Celtics.

One of the top players in the league when healthy, the four-time All-NBA honoree has been limited in recent years because of injuries, so there would be inherent risk for Boston in signing Griffin. But in the short term, Griffin, 28, would close the gap between the Celtics and the Cavaliers.

Henke was the centerpiece of one of the first deep bullpens in baseball Cheap Womens Baseball Jerseys history.

“In ‘92 when we won everything, we had myself and Duane Ward, David Wells, Mike Timlin, David Weathers,” Henke said. “You could go right down the line. We had a pretty sound bullpen all the way through and then we had a strong starting staff, too.”

But aches began to chip away at Henke — a groin injury in Toronto, his back ailment with the Rangers and all the wear that accumulates on pitchers over the years that fans might Cheap Zach Parise Jerseys never fully hear about. Henke recalled a visit to famed arthoscopic surgeon Dr. James Andrews.

Andrews told Henke, “Every time you throw a pitch, you tear your rotator cuff muscles. There are microscopic tears that go in there every time you use your arm like that.”

These tears could be repaired through a restful offseason, though Cheap Youth NBA Jerseys Andrews’ words stuck with Henke. He could also see his physical ability beginning to fade.

“I just couldn’t do it much longer,” Henke said. “I understood that and I accepted that.”

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