Bradford, Vikings cruise past Saints 29-19 in opener

Sam Bradford set the NFL record for completion percentage for Minnesota last season, his accuracy aided by the volume of short passes under heavy pressure.

With protection from the rush, he showed Monday night he can throw the ball Cheap Jerseys 90 down the field with the best of them.

The Seahawks, who have won three of the last four NFC West titles, are the favorites to stay on their perch. The Cardinals will be a tad better, but the Rams and 49ers will need to tread water near the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Some see Seattle as having a closing championship window because of defensive age and injury, but others can see its bigger offensive upside.

By completing 24 of 39 passes for 268 yards and a touchdown in the 19-3 victory over Eli Manning and the Giants, Prescott did nothing to temper that praise. His numbers were modest and he missed high on some early throws he should’ve completed, and that’s OK. His expert work against a potentially great defense on the hurry-up Cheap Jerseys Bike drive near the end of the first half — when he completed all four of his passes (he spiked a fifth to stop the clock) and ran 17 yards to set up the field goal that made it 16-0 — told a story outside the margins of the box score.

With Odell Beckham Jr. sidelined with his ankle injury, the pathetic Giants offense could’ve been out there for eight quarters and still fallen short of 16 points. Prescott did what he needed to do in the first 30 minutes to decide the game, which is precisely what franchise quarterbacks are supposed to do. And a franchise quarterback is always more valuable than a franchise running back, a point that begged to be made after a noisy and unsettling week featured the Cowboys’ bearded monument to high maintenance, Ezekiel Elliott.

Adrian Peterson hasn’t even put on pads, and his Saints teammates are raving about him

Adrian Peterson has been a member of the New Orleans Saints for just over a month, but he’s already made a strong impression on his new teammates.

After practice Thursday — the sixth organized team activity (OTA) of the offseason for the Saints — players talked about the 32-year-old running back like he was 22 years old.

According to The Journal News, Rice started on Thursday when the team began spring workouts. He will serve as the team’s running backs coach and help out with defensive backs.

Even though Rice has an official capacity within the school now, it’s not new to head coach Lou DiRienzo. “Nothing has really changed,” he said. “Somebody just put it on Twitter.

“Ray has been around with us and mentoring kids and taking kids under his wing for us,” he added. “Now that he has more time, he’s taking more of an active role.”

Rice was arrested in 2014 for assaulting his then-girlfriend and current wife, Janay Rice. He was suspended two games by the NFL after video surfaced of the incident. He was later released by the Ravens and received an indefinite suspension by the NFL.

It was rumored he accepted a position at Don Bosco Prep in New Jersey in April, which Rice quickly denied. He has prior coaching experience outside of his volunteer work at New Rochelle — he Cheap Game Jerseys coached during the NFL Players Association’s Collegiate Bowl last January.

Rice will be working with the team whenever he has holes Cheap Jerseys 90 in his schedule, which is typically packed with speaking engagements nowadays.