Tre Boston says he got very, very disrespectful offer from Cardinals

Tre Boston is one of several free agent safeties still looking for work this offseason, although Boston did get at least one offer from a team.

Boston visited with the Colts and Cardinals this Cheap Jerseys Baseball offseason, but told Sirius XM NFL Radio that his visit with the Colts didn’t include any time with General Manager Chris Ballard, head coach Frank Reich or defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus. Boston said he spent two hours in the lunch room and played basketball during his visit.

Boston also visited the Cardinals, who he said rolled out the red carpet for him in contrast. Boston termed the offer that the Cardinals made him very, very disrespectful, however, and he did not sign with the team. Boston also talked about the overall state of the market for him, Kenny Vaccaro, Eric Reid and other safeties.

Given the state of the AL Central, with the White Sox the only team on the rise that could threaten in the coming years should their talent develop — you can maybe pencil in the Twins, too. A quick rebuild could help the Royals a lot. Letting anyone go to free agency won’t benefit them in the slightest. Just see last season.

St. Louis is the other team rumored to be in the market for a hot-corner bat. Would it be worth it for St. Louis — a dark-horse contender for a deep playoff run this year — to mortgage its future for a half season of Machado? It’s tough to say. Probably not, but the National League looks pretty wide open right now.

Machado isn’t the only player the Orioles could dangle, either. Zach Britton, sidelined with a ruptured Achilles tendon, is due back in June. Should Britton return and pitch well, a team — maybe Houston, who has had talks with the Orioles regarding Britton in the past — could deal some talent to shore up a bullpen at least through the end of the season.

The fan was fined $115 for trespassing. He obviously didn’t Cheap Jerseys China Vip belong on the field, although the CFL (and the NFL, and any sports league) would probably prefer that players let security handle it, rather than get involved in apprehending runaway fans themselves. In the days of Mike Curtis, a player could get away with decking a fan. But these days, fans can be quite litigious.

X-rays negative for 49ers rookie LB Reuben Foster’s ankle injury

Taken by cart into the San Francisco 49ers locker room less than 12 minutes into his first NFL game, linebacker Reuben Foster feared the worst about his injured right ankle.

“It was pain(ful),” Foster said. “I was a little scared, but at Cheap Embroidered NFL Jerseys the same time, trust me, if you can’t put no pressure on it, then you should be worried, but when you put enough pressure on it, then you have got some hope. That’s all I was just hoping for. It was painful, but at the same time, I knew nothing was seriously damaged.”

As it turned out, Foster was correct. What looked to be a potentially devastating injury to one of the team’s best young players turned out better than it first appeared. Although Foster still has some tests to do and the Niners aren’t offering an exact return window, Foster said after the game that he will be back “very, very, very soon.”

It’s big enough to constitute a mural.

As someone who has always fancied himself a “jack-of-all-trades” linebacker, Matthews lit up when discussing the thrill that comes with covering — or as he put it, trying to cover — Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson on one down and then rushing against a 320-pound tackle the next during preseason practice.

“I get to blitz from pretty much every gap and go against every guy on the offensive line,” Matthews said of his role. “At the same time, we still have our packages where I go back on the edge. I also cover backs out of the backfield.

“I went into it with a ‘Let’s see how this plays out’ approach. It Cheap Jerseys Baseball actually worked out tremendously.”