Jared Goff picking up new Rams offense at ‘a surprisingly quick pace’

As if a move from St. Louis to Los Angeles wasn’t enough of a change, the Rams may make an even more drastic change on the field this season.

New head coach Sean McVay has a fresh offensive scheme, and last year’s No. 1 overall pick Jared Goff is really excited about it.

“It’s a way different offense. Personally, from my brief experience with it, I’ve had a quicker Cheap Jerseys Throwback time learning it — easier time learning it,” Goff said, via the Rams’ official website. “I don’t know whether that’s scheme or the way it’s taught or what not, but I’ve enjoyed spending time with the coaches and picking it up pretty quickly.”

The top vertebrae in his neck that connected his spinal cord to his head had been disconnected.

His football career was over, but things could have been worse.

“The reason that I’m standing here, the reason that I have an opportunity to hug my mom, the reason that I had the opportunity to go to my daughter’s graduation from elementary school is because of you guys,” Lockette said Wednesday during a surprise visit to the Washington state fire chiefs convention in Spokane, via KXLY. “It’s more like I’m talking to my angels. It’s more like I’m talking to the people who saved my Cheap Jerseys Toronto life.”

Lockette may have been in Washington, but the Arlington, Texas, paramedics who tended to him were actually in attendance. When they made themselves known, a tearful Lockette hugged them and said, “Thank you.”

Norman says he wants to be remembered as someone who played the game with old-school ruthlessness.

“Like Mike Haynes. Those kinds of guys. Lester Hayes,” Norman said, mentioning a couple of physical All-Pro defensive backs from the 1970s and ’80s. “People who played it with violence and ruthlessness. Lockjaw. No pussyfooting around. No inching off. None of that softness. … You’re talking the bad boys in Oakland. Back in the day. The ’70s, man.”