Rays’ power surge may be the biggest surprise of homer-happy season

The Rays entered the 2017 season having never finished in the top five for team home runs. Their first baseman, Logan Morrison, entered 2017 with only one 20-homer season.

So it’s safe to assume that nobody expected Morrison to already have a career high 24 home runs — tied for second in all of baseball — on a team that has the second most home runs in baseball: 128. That includes Morrison.

“It’s just a good start,” Morrison said when asked whether he thought he would near the top of the leaderboard. “I’ve got to keep it going.”

But it’s not just Morrison who’s had a power surge for Tampa Bay this year. It’s been a team wide effort. Seven Rays already have nine home runs. They only had eight players hit that many Hot Cheap Jerseys each of the past two seasons.

However, if you look back at previous All-Star Game rosters, there is another group of players who jump out. On each roster, there are one or two players who unexpectedly found themselves in one of baseball’s biggest showcases. One impressive first half of a season can have a player rubbing elbows with the best players in the game. One look at their names will cause fans to ask, “Who was this guy again?”

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