It’s how they neutralized Tony Allen with Andrew Bogut in the 2015 Playoffs

The Blazers’ strategy made sense, but they didn’t have the personnel to carry it out. Teams can’t play wing players who can’t shoot because the Warriors are too good at closing off space away from the ball. It’s how they neutralized Tony Allen with Andrew Bogut in the 2015 Playoffs and it’s how they’ve neutralized countless teams thereafter. Opponents’ only chance is to force Green on their best perimeter player and space out with terrific shooters to prevent anyone else from helping.

Obviously, that strategy has ripple effects elsewhere. Playing more shooters usually means downsizing, which plays right into the Warriors’ game. There’s also the pesky problem of Kevin Durant zipping around as a Draymond lite, putting out fires at the rim and anywhere else when Green himself is beat.

But at least that’s better than letting Draymond dominate four games with absurd block and steal numbers, snarling and trash talking with every stop.

This is part B of “shaking up the core”, which begins with letting J.J. Redick walk. I’m not sure exactly how this deal will wind up (a lot depends on if the Knicks are the team that ends up signing J.J., in which case some sign-and-trade scenarios become possible), but the Clippers are going to aggressively make a play to add another star scorer.

Anthony is a big part of selling the vision that this franchise can reload and run it back without being “the same thing over and over again.” Adding a solid 3rd big with the MLE isn’t going Ravens Cheap Jerseys to cut it anymore, but this presents a compelling product for the Clippers’ free agents, the team’s fanbase, and veterans that LAC will recruit at a discount to round out the roster. You know how great and fun the Clippers are, but it was growing stale and you were bored. Well, we’ve got the same Clippers that you love, but with a twist: Melo.

There’s some concern about Lattimore because of his past history of hamstring issues

When I first started researching Lamp, I saw that he was projected as a guard, but watching his film he looked pretty good against those Bama edge rushers (as well as everybody else), so maybe he could spend some time at tackle in a pinch. But then I saw that while he was pretty athletic and he had 34 reps of 225, he was also only 6’3 and 2/3 with arms that are only 32.5 inches long, that started to make a little more sense to me.

And if you really want to nitpick, Lamp didn’t always look really smooth with his kick step, whether he was effective as a blocker or not. You can get away with blocking edge rushers with poor feet in college, not so much in the pros.

Ask Ereck Flowers about it.

Sticking him inside at guard means just by alignment he will always have someone inside and outside of him who, even if just by being in the way, will ensure a defensive tackle normally won’t have as much space to rush as an edge rusher would against a left tackle.

And with him already being a pretty good pass blocker in college, despite his not-always-great feet, I think he should do pretty well as a pass blocker at guard from day one.

Running back is one of the key needs for Jacksonville, and no back in the draft can shape an offense like Fournette. I agree that the Jaguars won’t get the most out of Fournette without a better line, but they may not get another chance at player like the LSU star.

Even before releasing Jason McCourty the Titans needed cornerback help. There’s some concern about Lattimore because of his past history of hamstring issues, but he was sensational last season Philadelphia Eagles Cheap Jerseys at Ravens Cheap Jerseys full health.