Watching NBA players learn their ‘2K18’ ratings is priceless

If there’s anything we’ve learned over the past few years, it’s that NBA players care about their 2K ratings just as much as we do.

If Porter signs Sacramento’s offer sheet, because of the way restricted free agency works, the Wizards will have 72 hours to decide whether they will match the contract or allow Porter to Cheap Professional Sports Jerseys sign with Sacramento. Porter hasn’t signed it, meaning he may give the Wizards a chance to match the offer without going through the complications of restricted free agency. Either way, all signs point to Porter returning to Washington.

Porter will reportedly be meeting with other teams in the coming days, which is partly why he hasn’t made his decision yet. However, if the Wizards were hoping to sign Porter for less than the max, then those hopes seem gone.

Meanwhile, the Wizards have reportedly offered John Wall the new “supermax” extension, but he’s waiting to see what the team does this offseason before accepting it. Perhaps signing Porter is the sign Wall needs to commit for four more seasons beyond the two he still has under contract.

Despite Hayward’s departure this summer, the Jazz would have to clear additional cap space to fit a max contract. Porter’s max contract with a new team will begin at $24.77 million for the 2017-18 season. The salary cap is $99.09 million this season, and Utah has just over $89 million committed to players.

The Jazz must have room for his salary available before making an offer. To even get in the ballpark, Utah would need to move the final year of Derrick Favors’ contract, worth $12 Cheap Lakers Jerseys million. Teams would be more likely to take Favors’ expiring contract if Utah attaches a pick to the deal. The Jazz will also need to waive veteran forward Boris Diaw, whose $7.5 million salary is non-guaranteed next season.

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