Matt Holliday lifts Yankees past Orioles with third-career walkoff home run

Matt Holliday provided some late-game heroics for Yankees fans Friday night against the Orioles.

The veteran slugger stepped up to the plate with two men on base in the bottom of the 10th inning and sent everyone trotting around the bases with a walkoff three-run home run. It was his third-career walkoff home run.

If you like offense, this was the game to watch Friday night. The Yankees ultimately prevailed 14-11 while scoring six runs in the ninth and 10th innings combined.

Rookie sensation Aaron Judge blasted his eighth and ninth home runs, which are the most in April in Yankees history by a player 25 years old or younger.

The Yankees trailed 9-1 and 11-4 in this game, but displayed resiliency after a horrid start. Jacoby Ellsbury blasted a grand slam in the bottom of the seventh inning, and ended the game with five RBIs.

Manny Machado and Mark Trumbo led Baltimore, but Orioles pitchers allowed 13 runs after the fifth inning. Machado went 3 for 5 with two runs scored, a home run, three RBIs and a walk. Trumbo went 3 for 6 with a home run and four RBIs.

The Yankees (14-7) have now won four out of their last five games.

Blue Jays outfielder Kevin Pillar went 4 for 4 with three runs scored, a solo home run and a walk in a 7-4 loss against the Rays.

Astros third baseman Yuli Gurriel Cheap Jonathan Toews Jerseys continued his red-hot form by collecting three hits with two runs scored, a home run and two RBIs in a 9-4 win against the Athletics. Gurriel now has six multi-hit efforts in his last nine games. He is batting .347 for the season.

O’s Kevin Gausman pays for umpire’s poor read of Red Sox-Manny Machado feud

Leave it to the umpires to take the absurdity of the Red Sox-Orioles feud to ludicrous levels.

O’s pitcher Kevin Gausman was ejected by home plate ump Sam Holbrook in the second inning of Wednesday’s game for hitting Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts with a pitch. In isolation — and only knowing that the teams have exchanged beanballs over the course of a week, mostly aimed at Gausman’s teammate Manny Machado — you might say, “Well, yeah, Gausman deserved to go. Good job, umps.”

People who know baseball’s unwritten rules (and umps should be part of that group) know Cheap Jerseys Hockey that intentional knockdowns/purpose pitches/hit batsmen are done with fastballs.

That has been the case each time Boston’s Eduardo Rodriguez, Matt Barnes and Chris Sale have thrown at Machado in response to Machado spiking Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia on a slide last month. It was the case when Baltimore starter Dylan Bundy plunked Boston star Mookie Betts on Monday.

Gausman was incredulous when Holbrook tossed him. He motioned that he threw a curve. TV captured him mouthing, “What the f— are you doing?”

Player celebration became a topic last season when the NFL Cheap Jerseys Good Quality decided to really crack down on what the league deemed inappropriate. Players were penalized and fined and often felt like they were being mistreated with the punishment.

Bennett is just one of several players to voice frustration over the issue and says the underlying factor is that the league wants to promote itself and not the players in it. He then compared the NFL to NBA in terms of marketing.

What does Lance McCullers Jr. do on his off days? Helps puppies find homes

Those bosses haven’t said how many innings they’re projecting for Wheeler if he stays healthy, but whatever the number is, the idea is to protect an investment that is small right now ($800,000 for this season, according to Baseball Prospectus) but could grow exponentially as soon as next year. Wheeler needs to understand that impatience can cost him a lot of money.

By the way, you know who else began his career as a starter before moving to the ‘pen? The Mets’ primary closer, Jeurys Familia. The club can’t afford to move him out of his role, and he’ll be welcomed back after he serves a likely suspension for being accused of domestic violence.

If misfortune really strikes Wheeler and he proves to be a valuable late-inning reliever, he ought to review the contracts the best ninth-inning guys (and the best eighth-inning guys) have received this offseason. He’ll still be in line for a good payday, even if he’s earning his money just one inning at a time.

Assuming he stays healthy, of course.

If you know nothing about Astros’ starting pitcher Lance McCullers, leave with this: The 23-year-old has a non-profit organization whose objective is to ‘invest, bring awareness to and create programs aimed at advocates for stray and homeless animals across the country”.

While it’s easy to create an organization in your own name (the organization is called the Lance McCullers Jr. Foundation) and not get involved, that’s not Cheap Jerseys From China Free Shipping what McCullers does. This week he helped a neglected puppy find a home.

Yankees ‘engaged’ in pitching market with Jose Quintana there for the taking

The Yankees are starting to put a solid team together, but one area of concern is the rotation. There are still options out there for them to strengthen in that area.

New York hasn’t been shy in its advances for White Sox starting pitcher Jose Quintana. Chicago hasn’t been shy in demanding top prospects for its rising talent. And why not? They received a king’s ransom from the Nationals for Adam Eaton.

So far, the Yankees have been unwilling to meet the White Sox’s price. That could soon change, as spring training nears and the team has just three — Masahiro Tanaka, Michael Pineda and CC Sabathia — locks in their rotation.

And Jones called for the punishment for such behaviour to be more severe.

“It’s pathetic,” he said. “It’s called a coward. What they need to do is that instead of kicking them out of the stadium, they need to fine them 10 grand, 20 grand, 30 grand. Something that really hurts somebody. Make them pay in full. And if they don’t, take it out of their check.

“That’s how you hurt somebody. You suspend them from the stadium, what does that mean? It’s a slap on the wrist. That guy needs to be confronted, and he needs to pay for what he’s done.

“At the end of the day, when you throw an object onto the field of play, the player has no idea what it is. What if something hit me right in the eye and I can’t play baseball anymore. Then what? I just wear it? No.

“Things like that need to be handled a little more properly, in Cheap Jerseys Bing my opinion.”

Prince Fielder to host food show on Netflix, Hulu

Prince Fielder won’t be part of spring training this year. Instead, he’s headed to the kitchen.

In an interview with ESPN, Fielder talks about life after baseball, leaving the game early with health issues and moving forward.

One of the challenges ahead will be in the world of culinary entertainment.

Arizona coach Jay Johnson does his best Lou Brown, freshman outfielder Matt Frazier faithfully(ish) embodies the persona of Willie Mays Hayes, and other players and personnel lend their acting talents to produce a spoof that’s pretty much spot on.

The video was produced and directed by Sawyer Gieseke, a senior film and TV major who also plays infield for the Wildcats and produced last season’s “Family Matters” parody, “Clubhouse Matters.”

Yes, “Major League” is a movie that keeps on giving.

But unless you like feeling old, don’t think about how none of the Arizona players had been born when the movie came out.

“I sense sleep deprivation more than anything,” Maddon said, via “Sleep Cheap Hockey Jerseys From China deprivation has a lot to do with it. Right from the beginning of the year our schedule has been awkward. No one has had a chance to settle in.”

Maddon made that statement just before Chicago dropped to 17-17 with a 3-0 loss Wednesday to the Rockies. The Cubs got off to a 25-6 start last year, which led to the team snapping its 108-year championship drought.

The Cubs are in fourth place in the NL Central, and backup catcher Miguel Montero doesn’t sugarcoat his disappointment.

Chris Davis takes shot at Jose Bautista: ‘He’s a guy who’s easy to dislike’

Jeter seems like the most logical candidate to do this, at least at this juncture: 3,465 hits, .310 batting average, five World Series titles and a long-time captaincy for the New York Yankees.

To many fans and writers, Jeter probably seemed as close to the perfect player as the past 20 years have seen. To some analysts, he’s less impressive. His 71.8 Wins Above Replacement are just over the 70 WAR threshold some analysts use for Hall of Famers. Likewise, Jay Jaffe has Jeter just past the average Hall of Fame shortstop with 57.8 JAWS. His -246 runs below average on defense are the worst of any shortstop in baseball history.

None of these things are bad enough to disqualify Jeter from Cooperstown, though some voting member of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America could look to make a point.

When Jose Bautista was a free agent this winter the Orioles decided not to pursue the slugger in part because their fans don’t like him. Turns out, one of the biggest stars on the Orioles roster isn’t a fan either.

All-Star slugger Chris Davis added to the Orioles-Blue Jays rivalry Cheap Fishing Jerseys Saturday at the team’s FanFest, saying Bautista is “a guy who’s easy to dislike.”

There have been a number of incidents between Bautista and Orioles players in recent seasons.

Reliever Darren O’Day has exchanged heated words with Bautista on multiple occasions, most recently in 2014 when he hit him with a pitch. Baltimore manager Buck Showalter and outfielder Adam Jones have each taken umbrage at Bautista’s home run celebrations including his famed bat flip.

It’s how they neutralized Tony Allen with Andrew Bogut in the 2015 Playoffs

The Blazers’ strategy made sense, but they didn’t have the personnel to carry it out. Teams can’t play wing players who can’t shoot because the Warriors are too good at closing off space away from the ball. It’s how they neutralized Tony Allen with Andrew Bogut in the 2015 Playoffs and it’s how they’ve neutralized countless teams thereafter. Opponents’ only chance is to force Green on their best perimeter player and space out with terrific shooters to prevent anyone else from helping.

Obviously, that strategy has ripple effects elsewhere. Playing more shooters usually means downsizing, which plays right into the Warriors’ game. There’s also the pesky problem of Kevin Durant zipping around as a Draymond lite, putting out fires at the rim and anywhere else when Green himself is beat.

But at least that’s better than letting Draymond dominate four games with absurd block and steal numbers, snarling and trash talking with every stop.

This is part B of “shaking up the core”, which begins with letting J.J. Redick walk. I’m not sure exactly how this deal will wind up (a lot depends on if the Knicks are the team that ends up signing J.J., in which case some sign-and-trade scenarios become possible), but the Clippers are going to aggressively make a play to add another star scorer.

Anthony is a big part of selling the vision that this franchise can reload and run it back without being “the same thing over and over again.” Adding a solid 3rd big with the MLE isn’t going Ravens Cheap Jerseys to cut it anymore, but this presents a compelling product for the Clippers’ free agents, the team’s fanbase, and veterans that LAC will recruit at a discount to round out the roster. You know how great and fun the Clippers are, but it was growing stale and you were bored. Well, we’ve got the same Clippers that you love, but with a twist: Melo.

They’re bigger, stronger, throwing harder than ever before

Bingo. More than just an anthropomorphic description to remind you that bad things happen to teams every year, though, this one might be baked into the modern sport. Noah Syndergaard is a Norse god, and the Mets didn’t send scouts to watch him when he was in the Blue Jays’ system, they sent archeologists to study the cave paintings about him. He’s such an incredible rarity in the baseball world, a 6’6 alp of fastballs and sliders Cheap Bike Jerseys For Men that go waaaaay faster than hitters should have to deal with.

And that’s the problem, maybe? Not just for Syndergaard, but for pitchers around baseball. They’re bigger, stronger, throwing harder than ever before, with the training getting more specialized and intense. Pitchers who already threw hard can throw harder using This One Weird Trick, and then they can throw harder than that because they’ve been biometrically enhanced and studied and poked and prodded.

But when it is the player who is unhappy with the organization, suddenly it becomes a problem. It is ungrateful. When George is not content with wasting great years of his career, for nothing more than a first-round exit in the playoffs, then he’s supposedly detached. When he plays his heart out, does everything that you can ask for from a superstar, and his team still gets crushed after being up double digits against the Cavaliers, his anger is painted as unjustified. He’s earned the privilege of being pissed off. He is well within his rights to call everyone else out, from the executives to the coaches and to his teammates. Because nobody else seems to be trying to win as much as him.

The Bulls were worth watching for a grand total of TWO games this season

For two games, I actually enjoyed watching the Chicago Bulls. Those two games happened last week, when they beat the top-seeded Boston Celtics twice at home to open up the first round.

Four games later, the Bulls season is over and done. It’s been a long time coming.

We knew Chicago couldn’t possible be good this season from the moment they signed Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo to join Jimmy Butler in the summer. They could be fine, maybe, and they were just that, finishing the Fc Barcelona Cheap Jerseys year with a 41-41 record that was just barely good enough to sneak into the No. 8 seed in the Eastern Conference. Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg has appeared out of his depth for two seasons now, but he also was hired out of the college ranks known for his pace-and-space offenses. Instead of players who fit that style, the much maligned Chicago front office gave him two non-shooters with star pedigree that he had no choice but to play.

Kupp comes from a football family. His father, Craig, played in the NFL in the 1990s. His grandfather, Jake, is a New Orleans Saints team Hall of Famer from the 1960s. He’s going through a drastically different draft process than, say, his grandfather did.

“He got drafted, and I think he got called,” Kupp said. “Didn’t even know that he was, like, in the draft. It’s a whole different animal.”

Kupp prides himself as a separation-creator and focuses on his hands and blocking ability. An area under extra construction might be “being skinny at the line of scrimmage” and not getting jammed off his routes. Evaluators have focused on that with him, he said.

The Clippers did everything they needed to and forced a Game 7 on Sunday afternoon

We don’t know how much he loves being a Clipper. We don’t know much about his relationship with CP3 beyond what we see. We don’t know much about how driven he is to win a championship, or to be the unequivocal star of his own show. We don’t know how he feels about the prospect of five more years taking orders from a point US Cheap Jerseys Club guard who has never been wrong. We don’t know how he feels about his other options.

The Clippers did everything they needed to and forced a Game 7 on Sunday afternoon, but as Chris Paul said on ESPN after the game, “It wouldn’t be the Clippers if it didn’t have a little drama.”

We have no idea. We have no way of knowing. Griffin’s been rather mum on free agency, and he’s never been unrestricted before so we don’t have a track record to look back on.

A safe assumption is that he will want truckloads of money. A less safe but seemingly solid assumption is that he will want a chance to win games, perhaps a championship. But definitely money.

But Morey prioritized amassing assets — picks, young players, tradable contracts, undervalued veterans like Kevin Martin and Luis Scola — for an eventual trade for a star while remaining competitive enough to put butts in seats. It worked. In October 2012, facing luxury tax problems, Oklahoma City agreed to trade James Harden to Houston for a package of picks and players.

That seems so basic, but you’d be surprised at how many NBA franchises lack a vision for how they want to play, a thesis on how that style will help them compete, and a plan on how to execute that Wholesale Jerseys Usa vision.