Chris Godwin will be Buccaneers’ new fan favorite wide receiver

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers keep adding weapons for Jameis Winston and snagged a reliable deep threat with the No. 84 pick in the 2017 NFL draft, claiming wide receiver Chris Godwin out of Penn State.

Just look at what he did in the Rose Bowl earlier this year. Godwin did his part to keep Penn State in the game, despite ultimately falling to the Trojans 52-49. He totaled 187 yards and two touchdowns on nine receptions — averaging over 20 yards a catch.

The Clippers have had a formula for relative success in the Doc Rivers era: Keep Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan together and make sure the moving parts all fit.

Their issue has always been at the small forward spot. The Clippers have had 13 different small forwards on the roster since the 2013-14 season. Some of those names include Danny Granger, Jared Dudley, Stephen Jackson, Hedo Turkoglu, and Matt Barnes.

At the end of the season there seemed to be a rush to name Nikita Kucherov MVP of the Tampa Bay Lightning. It’s understandable, the soft-spoken Russian had a career year with 40 goals and 85 points. (C’mon you couldn’t even pick up one measly assist to match your uniform number? Sad.) Now, as some time has passed and the beards have been shaved and the golf clubs dusted off, is it that clear of a choice?

There are two ways to look at this. The first is that if Jose Abreu, Jose Quintana, Todd Frazier, Melky Cabrera, Tim Anderson, and Carlos Rodon aren’t contributing much now, just imagine how good the White Sox will be when they all snap out of it! Abreu can hit a dozen homers next month and carry the team. Quintana could rattle Cheap USA Jerseys off five one-run outings in a row. If the White Sox are good now, just imagine when the rest of the team starts to show up.

Watch Shaq learn on live TV that Ernie Johnson didn’t vote for him for MVP

One of the best moments on Monday night was Shaq finding out live on the air that Ernie Johnson didn’t vote for him for MVP in 2005 and 2006.

Steve Nash won back-to-back MVP awards in 2005 and 2006 Cheap Oakland Raiders Jerseys while with the Phoenix Suns. The more important part is who he edged out. In 2005 Shaq lost by just 34 points and finished second. Now, Ernie Johnson’s vote alone wouldn’t have swayed the voting — O’Neal would have needed a lot more people to change their votes — but the reaction was incredible when he found out.

It’s a solid second of pure awkwardness. Like someone arriving to a party you didn’t invite them to. Shaq might be mad at his coworker, but when it comes time to 2006 he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Shaq didn’t even finish in the top 10.

Now, it turns into a regular pick and roll. Lee backs up towards the elbow, essentially “zoning up,” and this time, Leonard tries going under the screen, and Harden makes him pay from three. As soon as Harden notices Kawhi is not fighting over the top he knows he’ll have room to shoot the ball.

When you have the right personnel, switching the pick and roll Cheap Official Jerseys is the most effective way to guard it. It ensures there is a body on a body at all times. If there’s a Harden/Ariza pick and roll and Leonard and Danny Green are involved, you could simply switch the pick and roll and maintain a high caliber defender on Harden at all times. But the Rockets are not dumb.

There’s some concern about Lattimore because of his past history of hamstring issues

When I first started researching Lamp, I saw that he was projected as a guard, but watching his film he looked pretty good against those Bama edge rushers (as well as everybody else), so maybe he could spend some time at tackle in a pinch. But then I saw that while he was pretty athletic and he had 34 reps of 225, he was also only 6’3 and 2/3 with arms that are only 32.5 inches long, that started to make a little more sense to me.

And if you really want to nitpick, Lamp didn’t always look really smooth with his kick step, whether he was effective as a blocker or not. You can get away with blocking edge rushers with poor feet in college, not so much in the pros.

Ask Ereck Flowers about it.

Sticking him inside at guard means just by alignment he will always have someone inside and outside of him who, even if just by being in the way, will ensure a defensive tackle normally won’t have as much space to rush as an edge rusher would against a left tackle.

And with him already being a pretty good pass blocker in college, despite his not-always-great feet, I think he should do pretty well as a pass blocker at guard from day one.

Running back is one of the key needs for Jacksonville, and no back in the draft can shape an offense like Fournette. I agree that the Jaguars won’t get the most out of Fournette without a better line, but they may not get another chance at player like the LSU star.

Even before releasing Jason McCourty the Titans needed cornerback help. There’s some concern about Lattimore because of his past history of hamstring issues, but he was sensational last season Philadelphia Eagles Cheap Jerseys at Ravens Cheap Jerseys full health.

Harbaugh drafted Kaepernick and coached him during the 49ers’ Super Bowl run four years ago.

“There are some red flags there,” Mayock said on a conference call. “I think the combine incident has been wiped clean by almost every team. I think that was way overdone and the kid should not have been sent home. That’s my opinion and most people in the league believe that.

“As far as the diluted sample at the combine, that’s always really disappointing and has to be taken into consideration. I think the shoulder is apparently going to be OK from a re-check perspective, I don’t see him sliding all that far. I think he’s a top-20 pick all day long in any draft. Could he have been a top-10 pick? He still might be a top-10 pick.”

The Cincinnati Bengals — owners of the No. 9 pick on Thursday — have been a popular landing spot for Foster in mock drafts. Still, a spot in the top 10 looks like an uphill climb for Foster after his recent transgressions.

Harbaugh drafted Kaepernick and coached him during the 49ers’ Super Bowl run four Cheap Jerseys World years ago. He’s publicly vouched for Kaepernick this offseason.

When Kaepernick began his anthem protest last fall, Harbaugh initially criticized it. Harbaugh said he didn’t “respect the motivation or the action,” while acknowledging his former QB’s right to protest. Harbaugh apologized shortly thereafter, but he still didn’t stand in support of it at the end of last August.

Harbaugh’s public view of the protest and others like it has changed considerably since then. That includes Michigan players who supported the protest by raising their fists in the air during the anthem before Wolverines games.

“It wasn’t a distraction because we were listening to what they were saying,” Harbaugh told Sports Illustrated in a story published in March. “And they had a valid point. And they continue MLB Authentic Jerseys to have a valid point.”

Harbaugh’s gone from criticism of Kaepernick’s “motivation” to criticism of his “method of action” to what reads like a warm embrace of the entire protest.