Koo nailed the kick moments earlier, but Joseph had called a timeout to ice the kicker.

About his laughable comment about sticking it to the Vikings: Maybe Payton put him up to it as a ruse to try and get coach Mike Zimmer and the Vikings D to focus on Peterson rather than the Saints’ potent passing game led by future Hall of Famer Drew Brees. But Payton knows Zimmer and defensive coordinator George Edwards are too smart to fall for such subterfuge, so we’re back to this being a case of Peterson talking nonsense once again.

The Saints’ Peterson signing never made much sense to me. Payton and Brees want the Saints’ running backs to be equally adept as runners and receivers out of the backfield, and Peterson has never been considered a dual threat. In fact, he has had more than his share of dropped passes over his career. During his Vikings years, Peterson typically exited the game on obvious passing downs.

Ingram is a former first-rounder who had the best season of his six-year career in 2016 with 1,043 rushing yards along with 46 receptions for 319 yards and a combined 10 touchdowns. Kamara was a third-round pick in April after the Peterson signing, so the Saints clearly coveted him and his history as a multi-purpose back in college.

“It was a little too exciting,” Von Miller said after presenting Joseph with the game ball in the jubilant locker room. “But a win is a win.”

“I had two timeouts and I wasn’t going to leave with those in my pocket,” Joseph said.

Derek Wolfe had bull-rushed the first field goal and told Harris, a third-year journeyman who made the team largely because of a rash of injuries along the D-line, that he’d get a chance to Cheap Michael Jordan Jerseys slice through this time because the guard would lean his way.

Sure enough, Harris got his right hand on the ball, which frittered short of Cheap NFL Jerseys China the end zone as the Chargers looked on in dismay and the Broncos dog-piled Harris.

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