Prince Fielder to host food show on Netflix, Hulu

Prince Fielder won’t be part of spring training this year. Instead, he’s headed to the kitchen.

In an interview with ESPN, Fielder talks about life after baseball, leaving the game early with health issues and moving forward.

One of the challenges ahead will be in the world of culinary entertainment.

Arizona coach Jay Johnson does his best Lou Brown, freshman outfielder Matt Frazier faithfully(ish) embodies the persona of Willie Mays Hayes, and other players and personnel lend their acting talents to produce a spoof that’s pretty much spot on.

The video was produced and directed by Sawyer Gieseke, a senior film and TV major who also plays infield for the Wildcats and produced last season’s “Family Matters” parody, “Clubhouse Matters.”

Yes, “Major League” is a movie that keeps on giving.

But unless you like feeling old, don’t think about how none of the Arizona players had been born when the movie came out.

“I sense sleep deprivation more than anything,” Maddon said, via “Sleep Cheap Hockey Jerseys From China deprivation has a lot to do with it. Right from the beginning of the year our schedule has been awkward. No one has had a chance to settle in.”

Maddon made that statement just before Chicago dropped to 17-17 with a 3-0 loss Wednesday to the Rockies. The Cubs got off to a 25-6 start last year, which led to the team snapping its 108-year championship drought.

The Cubs are in fourth place in the NL Central, and backup catcher Miguel Montero doesn’t sugarcoat his disappointment.

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