They’re bigger, stronger, throwing harder than ever before

Bingo. More than just an anthropomorphic description to remind you that bad things happen to teams every year, though, this one might be baked into the modern sport. Noah Syndergaard is a Norse god, and the Mets didn’t send scouts to watch him when he was in the Blue Jays’ system, they sent archeologists to study the cave paintings about him. He’s such an incredible rarity in the baseball world, a 6’6 alp of fastballs and sliders Cheap Bike Jerseys For Men that go waaaaay faster than hitters should have to deal with.

And that’s the problem, maybe? Not just for Syndergaard, but for pitchers around baseball. They’re bigger, stronger, throwing harder than ever before, with the training getting more specialized and intense. Pitchers who already threw hard can throw harder using This One Weird Trick, and then they can throw harder than that because they’ve been biometrically enhanced and studied and poked and prodded.

But when it is the player who is unhappy with the organization, suddenly it becomes a problem. It is ungrateful. When George is not content with wasting great years of his career, for nothing more than a first-round exit in the playoffs, then he’s supposedly detached. When he plays his heart out, does everything that you can ask for from a superstar, and his team still gets crushed after being up double digits against the Cavaliers, his anger is painted as unjustified. He’s earned the privilege of being pissed off. He is well within his rights to call everyone else out, from the executives to the coaches and to his teammates. Because nobody else seems to be trying to win as much as him.

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