What does Lance McCullers Jr. do on his off days? Helps puppies find homes

Those bosses haven’t said how many innings they’re projecting for Wheeler if he stays healthy, but whatever the number is, the idea is to protect an investment that is small right now ($800,000 for this season, according to Baseball Prospectus) but could grow exponentially as soon as next year. Wheeler needs to understand that impatience can cost him a lot of money.

By the way, you know who else began his career as a starter before moving to the ‘pen? The Mets’ primary closer, Jeurys Familia. The club can’t afford to move him out of his role, and he’ll be welcomed back after he serves a likely suspension for being accused of domestic violence.

If misfortune really strikes Wheeler and he proves to be a valuable late-inning reliever, he ought to review the contracts the best ninth-inning guys (and the best eighth-inning guys) have received this offseason. He’ll still be in line for a good payday, even if he’s earning his money just one inning at a time.

Assuming he stays healthy, of course.

If you know nothing about Astros’ starting pitcher Lance McCullers, leave with this: The 23-year-old has a non-profit organization whose objective is to ‘invest, bring awareness to and create programs aimed at advocates for stray and homeless animals across the country”.

While it’s easy to create an organization in your own name (the organization is called the Lance McCullers Jr. Foundation) and not get involved, that’s not Cheap Jerseys From China Free Shipping what McCullers does. This week he helped a neglected puppy find a home.

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